Graphic Prints for Changing Seasons

Graphic Prints for Changing Seasons

graphic prints for changing seasonsPrints, patterns and detail are something that emerge in some way shape or form every season.  For instance, for Spring 2014 print and pattern was evident on the wearable trends of the moto jacket, the inverse buttoned shirt, and uber-cool bomber jackets.  This means even in the case a specific print or pattern isn’t highlighted as “vogue” for a season, it will still emerge with another trend.


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What to Wear on a Date

What to Wear on a Date

what to wear on a dateRuthlessly rummaging through her closet, Kate pulled piece after piece out, grumbled, and threw it on the bed.

  • Sequin miniskirt?  No, that work.
  • Tuxedo stripe track pants and blazer?  No, that’s wasn’t right.
  • Pleated skirt?  No, that wasn’t right.
  • Designer crop top?  No, that wasn’t right.

In a huff of irritation, flopped on the bed and looked at the jumble of clothes and still was clueless as to…

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Dress to Impress: How to Wear a Maxi Skirt

Dress to Impress: How to Wear a Maxi Skirt

how to wear a maxi skirtThe maxi skirt…

This is one of the true transitional pieces that should be a staple in everywoman’s closet.  By definition the maxi skirt is an ankle length skirt.  However there are so many ways this ankle length skirt can be worn.  If you go for one in heavier jersey knit or a lightweight crepe it will be the most versatile in your wardrobe.  If you ever wondered how to wear a maxi skirt, here…

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